modern hand embroidery EST. 2012

I began stitching gifts for friends, and soon I was stitching for everyone!
I've mostly embroidered pet portraits, as well as a lot of fun custom work for really cool people.
Six years of custom stitches from a tiny house in Portland, Oregon!

Right now I'm focusing on @LEARN_TO_EMBROIDER on Instagram
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Do you want to learn hand embroidery?
Do you want to know how to tighten your fabric, how to tie a quick knot at the
end of your thread, how to finish the back of your hoop neatly?
Do you want to learn to stitch your own pet portrait (mine are $238)?
Do you want to ask me stitchy questions any time, any place?

YES YOU DO. I've created an Instagram account with videos, tips, and tricks
that cover all this and more!

Join us at @LEARN_TO_EMBROIDER !!!
Our main focus is education and empowerment - take what you've learned and make all your stitch dreams come true, create perfectly personalized gifts for all the good ones in your life, start your own business with your amazing new SKILLS!